Grizzly Bear Hunt

10 day Grizzly Bear hunt

Sentinel Mountain Safari’s features 2,250 square miles of the most bountiful hunting concession land in British Columbia. We look forward to sharing our wilderness with you and providing a successful grizzly bear hunt.

British Columbia allows hunting for grizzly bear during two seasons each year, fall and spring. In the fall season you are also allowed to hunt for bull moose. Black bear can be taken in the spring. Bagging these animals will cost you no additional trophy fees, however license and tags are extra.

We do everything we can to ensure you will want to share your stories from this hunt with your family and friends for years to come. Typically we guide hunts for grizzlies by 4X4 pickup. Other options include, canoe, all terrain vehicles (ATV), power boats, and hiking.

Grizzly hunts are 10 days, either in the spring or the fall. We have been 99% on all grizzly hunts. While there’s never a “guarantee” of an animal. We’re pretty darn sure you’ll at least have a good shot at one!

The best hunts are done early in the morning and late afternoon until dark. There will be times that you will be in the field all day. All food, lodging and transportation will be provided once you arrive at Sentinel Mountain Safari’s. Be sure to check our seasonal packing lists so you’re prepared for the elements!

Spring Season: May 1st – June 30th

Fall Season: September 10th – October 31st

Single Hunter: $9500.00 US plus $5500 US trophy fee

John Lang and Owner Steve Saunders with a 10 foot Grizzly Bear Sept.2015

John Lang with his Trophy Grizzly Bear.

Guide Richard Green with Grizzly Bear taken by John Lang.

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