Black Bear Hunt

5 Day Spring Black Bear Hunt

black bear

Sentinel Mountain Safari’s black bear hunts have been 100% over the years. On a typical day our hunting group will normally see between 3 and 7 black bears. Black bears range from 6’ to 8’. Hunters on our concession in British Columbia have taken several black bears that measure over 8 feet. A few of these bears have been written about in Bear Hunting magazine, SCI and Mountain Hunter magazine.

We guide black bear hunts in several ways. Hunters choose from a 4X4 pickup, ATV, or walking.

We have been seeing more and more color phase black bears in our hunting concession. Spring is the best time to hunt black bears (and grizzly too). After hibernation the bears look for green grass so they can eat as much as they can. A couple of reasons for this is, to replace the fat they lost over the winter and the grass seems to help them with their stomach, like a natural medicine.

We offer parent/child hunts during the spring. Child needs to be 10 years old and up to 14 years old. The parent purchases two bear tags and a hunting license for themselves and one for the child. This hunt will be $3,350.00 total for the parent and child. This is like taking two bears for the price of one. The child hunting license will cost around $14.00

In British Columbia, Canada you can hunt using a rifle, muzzleloader, bow and crossbow (all in the same day).

Spring Season: May 1st thru June 15th

Single Hunter: $3,350 US


Hobe Pannkuk and guide Richard Green with a 7 foot Black bear Sept.24/2015

John Lang Trophy Black Bear 2015

Marty Leach and Guide/Outfitter Steve Saunders 2014

Marty Leach Trophy Black Bear 2014

Stacy Sissney Bow black bear 2014

Stacy Sissney
Bow black bear 2014

Stacy Sissney Rifle black bear 2014

Stacy Sissney
Rifle black bear 2014

Jon Sissney Rifle black bear 2014

Jon Sissney
Rifle black bear 2014

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