Wolf Hunt

5 Day Winter Wolf Hunts and Trapline Safari


In 2010 Tony Pannkuk took his 7th wolf, this time we set the bait over the bank of the Frazier River placing it at 40 yards. When Tony and his brother Hobe looked over the edge, there were seven wolves on bait. Tony placed his 40 yard pin on the wolf in the picture. One shot and the wolf made two leaps and around fifteen feet from the bait fell to the ground.

Sentinel Mountain Safaris puts bait out for wolves at two different locations. We have a very high success rate on drawing the animals to the bait (95%). We will then take snow machines out to the various sites (the ride is just as fun as the hunt). You will have the chance to take your shot from 100-200 yards while the animal is eating the bait.

The winter wolf hunts take place December through February and 4-6 feet of snow is usually on the ground. If you’re looking for a wolf specifically, February is your best bet. Weather can be extremely cold. Visit our seasonal packing lists page for more information on packing for the winter in northern British Columbia.

This is an action-packed hunt with two checks per day on the bait. From daybreak to sunset you’ll be riding snow machines, checking for animals, and probably bagging your own. Steve Saunders goes out of his way to make sure the hunter or hunters have a very enjoyable time, not only hunting but riding around on the snow machines or any other activity the hunter would like to do (ice fishing, snowshoeing).

Winter Season: December 1st – February 28th.
Wolf hunting without trapline is available year-round with license. Wolverine is only available on a trapline hunt.

Single Hunter: $3,350 US

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